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Welcome to The African Jazz Music Hub, where you can connect with your favorite African Jazz Musician, and the African Jazz community, worldwide. If you know nothing about Jazz by African musicians, this is also the perfect place to begin your introduction to the world of African Jazz. Musicians from North Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa and in the Diaspora are featured here, with sample tracks of their music. If you “become friends”, you will also then be able to review their profiles, more music and more information about them, and connect with their fanbase. This user guide helps you get the best out of your interaction with the hub. There are 2 ways to join the hub;

1: Sign Up yourself                       or        2: Be invited by someone

  1. Sign Up yourself
    Jazz and conversations Sign Up yourself

Go to the website, and click on either of the two links shown below;

This will bring you to the Login/Sign-Up page

Click on the Sign-Up tab, enter the requested information, tick the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy agreement, and click on “Sign-Up”. Then Login.

You will land on your User Profile Landing Page:

Jazz And Conversations User Profile Landing Page

This will bring you to your User Profile Landing Page:

Jazz And Conversations User Profile Landing Page 2

At this point, you are now a member of the hub. Next, you must edit your user profile, add a personal image, and a cover image, and add your Profile name (different from your login user name). Click on any of the circular photo icons (see below),

Jazz And Conversations User Profile Landing Page 3

To go to your “Edit User account  Home Page”:

Jazz And Conversations Edit User account Page

Here you have the following menu options:

Jazz And Conversations User account Page Menu
Jazz And Conversations User account Page Menu

  • Activity: Where you can create posts with images, video links (Note, only video links from YouTube, etc., can be posted), links to FB pages, and text…
  • Profile: takes you to your edit user profile page (where you add your profile picture and cover image)
  • Notifications: Where you will find notices on activities within your profile
  • Messages: Where you will send and receive messages
  • Friends: Any friends you have invited or have invited you
  • Groups: If you have created any groups, (or any groups you are in), they will be here
  • To-do: create your own to-do lists
  • Invitations: where you send invites and can check their status
  • (Events and Shop will be dealt with later)
  • Gallery: Where you can create video, image, or audio galleries
  • Settings: Where you will find details of your account, which can edit should you choose to do so, or even delete your account…